What's on Your Phone?

I took this with my phone!!!
It's the view from where I work on a beautiful foggy morning.

I have 88 pictures saved on my phone.

4 are pics of books that I saw at the book store that I wanted to make sure to add to my library list (genius idea really - I take full credit for coming up with this).

1 is of Andrew and his friend when they were at my office early in the morning (they had to work at the hospital that morning but had to ride to work with me 2 hrs before their start time)....they were a little sleepy.

1 is of a rhino trapped inside a slinky slippery snake thing that my friend had at bingo as his good-luck charm.
1 is my coworkers new baby who looks a lot like a glowworm.

1 is another baby--Andrew's cousins new baby, who joined the family a couple months ago and is the newest and greatest "thing" in our life.

1 photo is of the wall in the bathroom at work, where some very wise man (it must be a man) felt it necessary to write 4:20....which has also been written in four elevators, on two signs and on the bathroom mirror once. What good feeling comes from writing this around the building, I have NO idea. Not only do I think pot-smoking is a waste of time, I think that there is nothing more of a waste of time than writing about your pot-smoking throughout the building where you work.

And there's some silly photos...my phone actually will take multiple photos and combine them as one so you get some great action shots..

That's about it. There's a few random photos as well.

Oh, that's not 88 photos...no....the rest of the photos, about 35 or so, are pictures of.....THE CATS!!! Seriously - They have to be the cutest cats in the world!!! I must document all of their cuteness!! Here's a great slide show of how cute our cats truly are!!!

(all taken with my nifty little cell phone camera!)



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