Changing it Up!!

Big news --- I have a new job!!!
I wasn't even looking but a great opportunity came up and I absolutely could not pass it up.
It is exciting and scary and sad and wonderful all in one!

It's a slight career change...again.

This has my career: (since entering adulthood)
Records Management in law enforcement
Social Services during college
Training Coordinator for a non-profit
Teaching English overseas for a year
Administrative Assistant for a medical school
Data Analyst currently....
and NOW - HR Coordinator! I'm making a full step into the Human Resources World!

I have just nine days left in my current position. I am going to miss the group I work with - but I'll stay in touch, I'm sure. I won't miss certain things about my job, but all jobs have those "certain things." It is very liberating to give notice - I feel "free" at work now. It's not like they can fire me, right? :)

This new company recruited me. I had applied for a position with them two yrs ago when I was desperately looking for a job and I made it fairly far in their interview process for a training coordinator position they had. I REALLY wanted to work there because the people were amazing and the company is very employee-focused. When I didn't get that job, they asked if they could keep my resume on file, which is what they all say (and really, who would say no to that question)....but apparently this place did. They convinced me to interview and ten days later I had a job offer in my hand! And they brought it to my home with wine and flowers. Ha-talk about schmoozing!! I love it!!

My new company is awesome, my new team members seem great! I'm VERY excited.

I am ready to make another change, but I think this is my last career change, this company will be my long-term company.

Big Changes Are Coming

But I can't say what yet!!!

Missing Korea

(click on the pics to enlarge)

I miss getting on the subway and having everyone stare at you and say hello or giggle behind your back , and never really feeling sure that you are going the right way until you start hearing names of the big stops that are listed on the guide.

I miss walking to the grocery store and having all these little tent shops to browse in and buy socks for 50cents a pair or have your baby's genitals forever eternalized in a nice brass-like statue you can hang in your living room (boys only)-gotta love seeing the Family Jewels hanging in someones house:

I miss this little girl, whose name is So Hyun (Spelling it like it sounds - So means cow and this adorable little sweetheart could turn demon-like with just the slightest little "mooooo"):

And these girls, Eun Su and Hyun Ji (both of whom I think would have moved home with me if I even slightly indicated that it would be okay with me) :
I miss seeing trees growing on the tops of buildings:

I miss police vehicles that look like toy cars, and the decorations at every police department that were anime characters of some sort or other (and everybody knows that anime is very professional):

I miss traveling a short amount of time to see places over a hundred years old:
I miss coming across funny things like a park entrance that has every sign possible in one spot (the squirrel container thing is for recycling and trash):
I miss riding in taxis with random people I meet who speak English and therefore must be safe enough to share a taxi with (seriously, this guy must have been FUNNY cause I look like we're having a fun taxi ride! My Kiwi friend is in the front seat):

I miss hanging out with fellow travelers, like these ladies, from Australia and New Zealand (the blonde is Valerie and Dawn is the Aussie):
I miss shopping for souveniors in places like this:

I miss fun signs like this (we saw examples of this EVERYWHERE -it's called Konglish, a korean form of English, which is really just very bad English, but always worth a laugh):

Back to Normal

My son is back!!
I wish I could say that he had a great visit with his dad, unfortunately, I do not think that this will ever be possible. It's a sad situation, one that makes me feel helpless as it's not something I can fix.

On a positive note----we had a wonderful welcome back dinner at Olive Garden - I love their stuffed chicken and mashed potatoes. The kid had some kind of pasta with shrimp and scallops and I think he had to fight off the urge to lick the bowl-he seemed to really enjoy it.

And we had a great 24 hrs together...and then he left again!! His friends family invited him to go camping with them-very fun! He'll be spending the next week fishing, innertubing, chasing wildlife (squirrels), shooting bb guns in the woods (with the parents), playing guitar by the campfire and getting lots of fun in the sun with friends.

My friends and I went to bingo last night....and lost AGAIN. What is up with this? The odds would say that at some point-one of us would win. But we've gone about 4 or 5 times now and have won NOTHING. We got plenty of mean and nasty looks last night, but no one went to the trouble of shushing us this time, which was a nice change.

My group of female friends got to meet the new boyfriend of young Natalie. We are hesitant about it because she's very clearly head-over-heels, but we are leery that she will get her heart broken. She's only 19. However, Sammy seems to be a good match for her.

I cleaned out a good portion of my closet and have two large bags of clothes to take to goodwill. I've been holding on to clothes that don't fit just because I really like them...but at this point, I have 4 large containers of Too Small Clothes, it wasn't hard to sort that down to just two containers. It feels good to get rid of some of it. I'd like to get rid of the other two, but I'm not quite ready for that yet. I still have high hopes of needing them within six-eight months.

I bought two new plants today - both say they like low light, so I'm hoping they have a chance to survive.

Have a fairly busy week ahead of me at work. Not very excited about it.

Still have three books to read, two of them are overdue now, so I'm in a rush to get through them.

A Grave Injustice Going on NOW

Dairy Queen has this obnoxious commercial on right now for a big sale on the Peanut Buster Parfait. Just about 6 years ago, this particular item would be on sale for 99cents!
The big sale now......$2.99.

Did the cost of ice cream seriously go up that much? Ice Cream?

And it's the same cost as a banana split, which uses more ice cream AND bananas AND whip cream. I think this has got to be one of the greatest injustices of our time. We need to unite and bring this inequality to the notice of our congressman and better business bureaus.
And if you want whip cream on your peanut buster parfait (which I suggest you not), it's an extra charge, even though you only get a dollop, whereas the banana split COMES with whip cream and is at least THREE dollops!!

INJUSTICE, people!!! Don't let the man get us down!!!! UNITE and put a stop to this problem!!!

Observations of the Day

I paid $4.60 at Starbucks for a mocha and a rice krispie treat. If I had to guess at what the two were really worth, I would guess it was valued at approximately $1.95. It woke me up though and helped me survive my morning at work without being sluggish.

The new guy at the cafeteria seems to have no problem pulling out only broccoli for my side on wrap day-which is nice because otherwise I have to just throw away the peppers and big onion-y things that are served with the broccoli and that's just wasteful.

I'm giving up the FiberOne bars and cereal I have been eating daily - I think there's definitely such a thing as too much fiber and it's not the best way to live. They are delicious and nutritious, but really...fiber needs to be controlled.

This old guy drove EXACTLY 25mph all the way up the hill to work-even when the road is at a downward slope and the car naturally wants to accelerate to 30 or maybe 35mph-he managed to maintain his 25mph the WHOLE way. It's 3.4 miles, people!!! His dedication to the speed limit added at least 12 minutes to my commute.

I have 3 books to read and they are all due on the 8th and I can’t renew any of them and they all have long waiting lists. I don’t think I’ll make it…unless I just not go to work the next three days. That's the only way I can imagine having a good outcome on this situation.

I think there must be something in the air in my apartment that causes all plants to cease living. I would guess I have had at LEAST 5 plants that I have bought this year commit plant-suicide (planticide). I have only bought six. They just seem to die. One of them somehow jumped out of its container even, and THEN somehow managed to make it look like my sweet little kitty might have had something to do with it.

I told two teenage boys yesterday that I am clearly a superhero, because I can give birth. It might have been inappropriate and it might also have made them uncomfortable. One of them said Shit in front of me later though, and I let it slide and mentally called it even between us. I think it was a mutual understanding.

No matter whether I wear surgical gloves or not, I somehow always manage to get super-glue on my fingers each time I use it.

This year is going by SO fast! Summer is almost over!! And that means it's almost Presents Day!! And then it will be 2009. And then I will be 35. And then I will be old. Sad.


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