Changing it Up!!

Big news --- I have a new job!!!
I wasn't even looking but a great opportunity came up and I absolutely could not pass it up.
It is exciting and scary and sad and wonderful all in one!

It's a slight career change...again.

This has my career: (since entering adulthood)
Records Management in law enforcement
Social Services during college
Training Coordinator for a non-profit
Teaching English overseas for a year
Administrative Assistant for a medical school
Data Analyst currently....
and NOW - HR Coordinator! I'm making a full step into the Human Resources World!

I have just nine days left in my current position. I am going to miss the group I work with - but I'll stay in touch, I'm sure. I won't miss certain things about my job, but all jobs have those "certain things." It is very liberating to give notice - I feel "free" at work now. It's not like they can fire me, right? :)

This new company recruited me. I had applied for a position with them two yrs ago when I was desperately looking for a job and I made it fairly far in their interview process for a training coordinator position they had. I REALLY wanted to work there because the people were amazing and the company is very employee-focused. When I didn't get that job, they asked if they could keep my resume on file, which is what they all say (and really, who would say no to that question)....but apparently this place did. They convinced me to interview and ten days later I had a job offer in my hand! And they brought it to my home with wine and flowers. Ha-talk about schmoozing!! I love it!!

My new company is awesome, my new team members seem great! I'm VERY excited.

I am ready to make another change, but I think this is my last career change, this company will be my long-term company.


  1. Anonymous said...: just never know when you make a change if it is the right thing....go for it!!!

  1. Nat said...:

    YAY!!! Kaylen, you totally deserve it. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to hear the details!!


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