Missing Korea

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I miss getting on the subway and having everyone stare at you and say hello or giggle behind your back , and never really feeling sure that you are going the right way until you start hearing names of the big stops that are listed on the guide.

I miss walking to the grocery store and having all these little tent shops to browse in and buy socks for 50cents a pair or have your baby's genitals forever eternalized in a nice brass-like statue you can hang in your living room (boys only)-gotta love seeing the Family Jewels hanging in someones house:

I miss this little girl, whose name is So Hyun (Spelling it like it sounds - So means cow and this adorable little sweetheart could turn demon-like with just the slightest little "mooooo"):

And these girls, Eun Su and Hyun Ji (both of whom I think would have moved home with me if I even slightly indicated that it would be okay with me) :
I miss seeing trees growing on the tops of buildings:

I miss police vehicles that look like toy cars, and the decorations at every police department that were anime characters of some sort or other (and everybody knows that anime is very professional):

I miss traveling a short amount of time to see places over a hundred years old:
I miss coming across funny things like a park entrance that has every sign possible in one spot (the squirrel container thing is for recycling and trash):
I miss riding in taxis with random people I meet who speak English and therefore must be safe enough to share a taxi with (seriously, this guy must have been FUNNY cause I look like we're having a fun taxi ride! My Kiwi friend is in the front seat):

I miss hanging out with fellow travelers, like these ladies, from Australia and New Zealand (the blonde is Valerie and Dawn is the Aussie):
I miss shopping for souveniors in places like this:

I miss fun signs like this (we saw examples of this EVERYWHERE -it's called Konglish, a korean form of English, which is really just very bad English, but always worth a laugh):



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