The End is Here!!

I have finished my last day of work at my "old" job!!

Driving off the hill for the last time was bittersweet. I really did like 95% of every day at my job and I'd been in that position for 18 months. In that 18 months, the two other people in my section left so I was the "old-timer."

The knowledge that left with them has now left with me. I did very little training of anyone and what I did offer was mostly unsolicited. I guess the management believes that they will just figure things out as they go...which is not the way I prefer to work-I think if it's something that is done in worst-case scenarios, but in this case, it was a choice. Which is where the bitter sweetness comes in - I have issues with the management there....issues that I'm glad to leave behind (though I'm sure the new job will have issues, hopefully different ones though!)

I hope they select someone of high caliber to replace me so the group I worked with doesn't have too hard of a time, but I don't hold out a lot of hope. I somewhat feel like I'm abandoning my group - but they all understand that you have to do what's right for your own career, and that means me leaving them. Sad.

I had been planning to have an End of Summer Potluck Picnic in the Park next weekend with everyone so I'll see them all there, though now I'm calling it the End of Summer and Goodbye to Kaylen Potluck Picnic in the Park. It somehow worked out so that I ended up planning my own goodbye party!!! A very weird coincidence. Just another of the weird things that fell in place with this new job offer.

Which is still all very surreal. I think it will be more real on the 15th when I actually walk in the doors of my new building.

From one of the funniest guys I know (from my "old" job):

Too true.



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