Happy Birthday, Nat!!!!

Yesterday was my young friend Natalie's bday!!!

Natalie is awesome.

Here are some reasons why (not all-just some):
1) She's super-sweet
2) She's honest to a fault (she found she wasn't charged for a pair of sunglasses one time and snuck them back into the store and put them back on the shelf so she wouldn't feel like a thief)
3) She is very high-energy, even when she's tired, she comes across like she has energy
4) She has a kind heart - I met her volunteering and she was doing two-three volunteer events a month some months. For NO reason other than she is a good person. And she took it upon herself to always help clean up after my events, whereas other volunteers just pack their things and go.
5) She's a great bingo partner
6) She laughs a lot
7) She's not judgemental or mean - you just can't NOT like her
8) She can always make you laugh, usually without meaning to
9) She will bust out a dance move at any given time

Happy Birthday Nat!!!!


  1. Nat said...:

    Awww.. thanks Kaylen! Kaylen's even MORE awesome than I could ever hope to be!


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