Headline News!!! Ship Sinks, People Die!

With all the things going on in the world, are we still REALLY researching an iceberg incident that happened a gazillion and four years ago?

Is there really anything to learn from this unfortunate tragic event?

We already have a movie and soundtrack…do we need more?

Seriously, I just don’t know what we are looking to solve. The facts are pretty clear:

  1. There was an iceberg. There was no detection system other than some sleepy guy looking out into the deep dark night, scanning for hours and hours at a time. This issue was taken care of with the development of sonar radar, right? Perfect-then we won’t repeat this problem.
  2. There were not enough life jackets or life boats for the number of people aboard the ship. Yep, some genius really didn't think this one out very well back in the day and now we have worked through this issue by requiring ships to have enough jackets for everyone and the boats to save them all. Problem solved!
  3. Jack loved Rose, but she was meant to be married to the wealthy and more “suitable” mean guy. Problem solved- they found each other and sailed off in the sunset on a broken door. Lesson learned-true love will find you in the least likely of places.

What else is there to learn??
Do we need to continue MORE research on this??

Can’t we focus our energies and efforts on other things….like maybe…I don’t know…curing cancer? Or if historical researchers really must have something in history to research, can’t they research the success and failures of different leaders to help advise our current leaders on what works (like having a complete PLAN, which includes how to END the war you pushed for…) and what doesn’t (like NOT having a plan to end the war you pushed for).

Doesn’t that make sense?

I just do not CARE about the Titanic anymore. I don’t understand why people (and maybe government funded researchers) are STILL trying to figure things out 97 million years later. It was a boat that hit an iceberg and shrank. How does this still continue to fascinate people? I just don’t get the value in it.

I understand why it might be someone’s hobby or personal interest….but seriously….can we just let this go?

And focus on more important things…like the never-ending Iraq war. Or the financial crisis we have brewing around us. Or the fact that we never acknowledge the influence Alaska has over Russia (I mean really-it sounds like Alaska has been fending off the communists for decades now and they just never get the recognition they deserve).


  1. Anonymous said...:

    HAHAHAHAHA!! you kill me!


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