If It Feels Right, Do It!

I start my new job TOMORROW!!!!
It's still very surreal.

I'm going to miss some of the people I used to work with, but I'm sure that I will meet some new and wonderful people who will be fun as well. From all the people I have met thus far in this company both in my interview with this company two years ago and then again last month - I think that they are just a wonderful and amazing group.

I'm not too nervous-it just "feels right" to be making this change.
And that's a great feeling.

I remember making the decision to move to Korea back in yet another lifetime. It was a BIG decision and one I didn't come to lightly, but it also just "felt right" once I finally made the decision.

Other things that "feel right":
  • Thai peanut sauce mixed with chicken and spread over white rice
  • Being accepting of others regardless of religion, sexual preference, nationality, english speaking abilities, age, IQ, financial statement
  • Leading volunteer projects with large or small groups of volunteers
  • Doing a puzzle while watching a movie, with a comfy blanket and a cat nearby and enjoying a cherry coke
  • Hot fudge poured over a warm and moist brownie with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • Getting weekly massages and having my insurance company pay for them
  • Hanging out with my girls at the bingo hall, just talking about life and working on winning a thousand dollars
  • Cranberry juice and vodka
  • Having a house with two lovable, squeezable cats
  • Organizing my closet and getting rid of a trunk-ful of items which I have thought were important in the past, but which I have discovered are just "things"and no longer need to be kept in order for the memory surrounding the item to be treasured
  • Regis and Kelly Ripa
  • Grilled chicken breast (boneless of course) with a side of garlic mashed potatoes

You just know some things go together....some things just give you a good feeling.



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