Read my Mail!!!

With all the talk about people hacking into other people email accounts, it got me thinking about what I have in my email and how upset I would be if it happened to me. I'm sure that there's nothing as exciting as Gov Palin's email...nothing scandalous that would cause my house-husband to be indicted...

I'm certain I have VERY highly secretive things in there somewhere, but well, not really.

Here's an example of an email string that took up a full day and about 16 emails back-and-forth. (Thanks to Al Gore for inventing the Internet, because otherwise this important discussion would never have been possible!)

There are certain foods that are essential to life (i.e. chocolate) and some that are just not's Alison and I working on the perfect Life Menu:

Vegans are crazy... CHEESE! HELLO!?

Kaylen: I could live without cheese. I don’t think I could live without chicken. Just the boneless skinless breasts though. The rest of the chicken is unnecessary.


WELL- I for one could never live without cheese.

I could live without chicken, though it would be hard.

I could live without red meat, but not bacon... I could be like a half and half vegan.


No meat (except bacon).

Chocolate Cake.

No Eggs (on their own, doesnt count if they're mixed in with something)

No Mayo on sandwiches,but in potaoe salad completely acceptable as long as there are no eggs.

See how this goes?

Potatoes are allowed so I think I'd be pretty set to go.


I could have written that, aside from the cheese and bacon part!!! I bet the mayo in my fridge is from 2 yrs ago (I should prob check that). I am pretty sure we haven’t had bacon in my house for at least 8 yrs.

I could live on chicken and potatoes.

What about deviled eggs??? I like those about 2X a year. They are mixed with something, but they’re mixed with mayo, so it kinda means no, right?


Deviled eggs...not OK because they are whole eggs.

But lets say you were baking cookies (with eggs) those are OK. See how this works? But deviled eggs are really good 2 times a year.

Same with ham...usually on those same 2 occasions actually.

What about bread products, those are acceptable right? or wait, are they?

Kinda like milk-I can’t drink milk plain. I can’t not picture a cow and the udder of a cow very near my mouth. But milk in mashed potatoes and stuff when baking is totally acceptable, cause I think it’s like cooking with wine.

Bread and pasta are a necessity.

I cut out my bread drastically this last year-i guess some people think it’s not healthy, but with spaghetti---french garlic bread is the very best thing to have. I almost don’t even need a fork, I can just push my pasta onto my bread(with another piece of bread) and eat it like an open sandwich.

Have you had spaghetti with tomato soup? It’s what we call Poor Folk Spaghetti. I love it.


exactly. milk...totally the same rules. But probably not yogurt, thats a little too milky. but what about ice cream...OK, not vanilla ice cream or any white ice cream at all. SO chocolate, mint (green colored) etc. are fine.

Bread and pasta are fine then, agreed. Just no meat in the pasta and I could skip cheese...mmm....for the most part on my pasta. not mac n cheese to have that.

My favorite leftovers is a spaghetti sandwich!! YUM. I could go for one right now. Cold spaghetti on bread. mm mm mm


Wait---butter pecan ice cream is white!!!!!!!

Well, really , it’s off-white and I almost always add hersheys syrup, so it’s never really just white!

Yogurt is pretty milky, but in the last year, I have found that I like it IF I add granola, which I normally detest, but I enjoy in my yogurt.

Mac-n-cheese is a definite must on our life menu. The box kind OR the baked kind, either way.

I have never had cold spaghetti sandwiches but I will!!! We hate pasta leftovers so if we have extra after dinner, I always throw them and feel bad, so this is a perfect solution.

No recipe for Poor Folk Spaghetti---just cook the pasta and then mix in the tomato soup. It has to be mixed together in the pan, not on your plate-cause then it pulls in the heat from the pasta and I don’t heat it after it’s mixed, but you have to have the soup be the same temp as the noodles.



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