The Shoe Store Incident

The kid has taken on this challenge of joining the cross country team at his high school. A challenge because he has never really been a runner. But YAY for him for taking the step to do this.

And after six days on the team (of two-a-day practices)...shin splints.
Isn't that the way life goes.

But the real story is The Story of The Shoes.

As a teenage boy, he is mandated to dress in baggy clothes and skater shoes. It's mandatory, which is the reason that ALL teenage boys look this way. Thankfully, his shirts are not long and baggy and his shorts and pants do not hang down 12 inches from his waistline. But he does only wear shoes that are not required to be tied. Ever. I wasn't even sure he remembered HOW to tie shoes until I saw him do so recently.

You must tie your shoes to be on the cross country team and so we had to get him a pair of good running shoes. I also needed a pair of new walking shoes (as some of you know I had to lay around all summer due to a medical issue and have recently gotten back in the game of trying to get into shape). Two pairs of running shoes...that's expensive. Shoes are ultra-important when you are just starting out as it is very easy to give up on a new exercise routine if your shoes are causing you to have pain all over. And a bad pair of shoes are the worst.

So we head off to a local shoe store that has a Buy One, Get One Half Off deal. They have a great selection so I figured we would do well...and we did.

The teen picks out a great pair of Nike running shoes. We compared two different shoes, we interrogated the super-young saleslady, we finally selected the perfect running shoe for him. And it was as expensive as I expected: $75 for one pair of shoes.
(kids are expensive!)

I found a nice pair of Nikes on sale for myself that were a steal (ha) at $50.

They also had some socks that were super-low like teenage boys find necessary at a great price of 2 packs for $10.00 (that's four pair for $10).

Just to review:
Boys shoes: $75
My shoes: $25 (half price)
Socks: $10

Total expected to pay: $110.

HOWEVER - I had brought in a pair of shoes I bought at this store approximately 9 months ago that didn't ever fit well enough to wear outside the home. I didn't have the receipt with me (though they only honor receipts that are less than 90 days old anyway) and when she rang them up, she found they were now worth a grand total of $5. Ridiculous since they were brand new - but whatever, they were old old old and not that great and I only paid $14 for them originally (from the last buy one, get one half off deal I made).

So.....Total expected to pay: $105 after $5 store credit.

We walk up to the counter, I put my Nikes on top of my shoes to return (which were on the counter), the other Nikes go next to them -because they are size THIRTEEN and nearly not big enough to fit on the counter at all. I explain to the girl that I'm returning these (point to old shoes) and buying the rest.

My phone is buzzing, the kid is talking, stuff is going on, the saleslady does her own thing and then give me a receipt to sign...and I sign off as I read it and find that it says $38. She packs up the giant-size pair of Nikes (value of $75) and the socks ($10) and starts to hand me the bag.
The kid says, "Let's go mom."

hmmm....wait.....I'm sorry miss, what about my other shoes? She explains some kind of funny not-real math and tells me she returned them and took the store credit off my purchase. She made no sense. I look to the kid, who can sometimes be very smart. He says "let's just go."

but...I need shoes.
And not-so-smart saleslady isn't giving me any.

I asked her to explain it again...and she tells me that that she returned my Nikes and dress shoes and put the amount towards the giant size Nikes and socks.
I just looked at her and then realized how much she really wasn't getting it and then clued her in---"those were Nikes I wanted to BUY. I didn't come into the store with them."

So she calls over the manager and they talk funny math for a minute and then decide that they have to ring up the second pair of shoes separately because I paid for the giant size pair with a credit card and for some reason they can't reverse the charge or just give me a credit and start over. Whatever, just get me my shoes.

The saleslady and the manager work together, do their funny math, talk it out amongst themselves, review it twice and then ring it up and give me a receipt to sign.

For $26.

Let's review:
Expected price to pay: $105

Price paid so far: $38
New price paid: $26

Total paid: $64

SO - I look at the receipt, I look at them, I look at the kid (who says again-let's go mom!) and then I tell the nice ladies that it doesn't look right to me and they mentally sighed about my lack of shoe store register knowledge and explain what they did and how they had to do it special because of the error on the first one but assure me it's correct.

At that point I had to walk away. I feel like I tried to teach them logic and how 2 + 2 = 4 even if you ring it up as 1.5 + .5 +. 25 + .25 + 1.25 + .50 - .25.

I made an effort. I was honest. I let them know it was wrong...TWICE.

And that is officially the best shoe store ever.

(but if those girls aren't working, I'm not buying!)


  1. Nat said...:

    You made the effort... at that point, I say, just take 'em. :)It was their mistake and you even tried to explain it to them. At least you didn't run back and place them a foot inside the door because you felt so guilty like someone else I know did with a pair of sunglasses.... Hah.


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