Things That Surprised Me Today

The United States actually has a passport ID card.

I like to think I'm "up" on the news of the world. I watch the morning news, I read the local paper daily. I check yahoo headlines at least 4 times a day. I read about three blogs on a weekly basis that cover things from the entertainment world to the political mishmash.

But somehow I missed that this card really came to be??

I don't know how that happened. I know I remember when people were talking about having a National ID card (which this IS) - but I didn't realize we were actually going through with it.
Does anyone else see that this is just a step for the governments master plan of controlling every move we make? They can track this card, they will access all your email accounts with it (yes, even the ones you think are secret), they can use it to block you from using an ATM, which lights turn red when you're running late, or make your cable tv go fuzzy during your favorite show. I'm certain this is all about controlling the masses.
Fight the man!

I also learned that thanks to our local high school having an open lunch hour, my commute from work to home is MUCH different if I want to go at noon, instead of 8am.
Drive to work at 8:10am = 12 minutes (that's with hitting three red lights (one is a free right though so doesn't really count)

Drive to work at 12:40pm = 19 minutes (hitting traffic upon traffic thanks to the four drive-throughs I have to drive past to get to the freeway.

I learned that I can refrain from drinking soda even when faced with a fridge FULL of the most yummiest of soda: Dr. Pepper (not that I needed to specify), which I AM faced with daily at work now....but take me to dinner and I can NOT prevent myself from saying the words "yes, please, I would love another coke."

If I don't do the laundry - the teenager will!
Granted, he hasn't fully gotten the grasp of the final step of folding and putting into drawers, but he can wash and dry like a champ!

We are STILL at war??

Hasn't this gone on long enough? I understand that we can't just take down a country's government and then walk away, but come on....can we justify 4168 of our men dying?
And still not having a clear plan on when this will end? Is this just a little bit reminiscent of something that we went through in the past? I do not believe this war was started for the reasons that were pushed upon us.
I do not feel I am unpatriotic.
I do stand behind the "support the troops" cause (I even had a volunteer event on multiple occasions to send cards to them), however, when will we stand up to our government and let them know this is not acceptable??

I look forward to having a new reign of power next year when Obama takes over as the head of our nation.



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