Todays Lunch

Woohoo! Third free meal of the week for me!
The new team at work had two lunches planned for me (at local restaurants) and then today was someones anniversary celebration. Free lunches are always the best.

Sooooo-we went to California Pizza Kitchen. I haven't been there before, but it was pretty good. I am not a big pizza fan, which all my friends think is odd-but it goes along with my lack of enjoyment of cheese....BUT I like a nice margerita pizza - it has all the elements of a good lunch pizza:

  • A light amount of cheese (to meet part of the daily calcium need)
  • A spackling of tomatoes (to meet a veggie requirement)
  • Something green - another veggie (that's TWO in one meal!)
  • A thin crispy crust - so you don't feel too full to go back to sit at your desk all afternoon

A good choice! I had half my mini pizza for lunch and the other half for dinner! Yippee, a bonus meal.

The new girls are hilarious. Someone told this really funny story - which I fully can not remember any piece of right now, but trust me - it was FUNNY. Go ahead and laugh---just in anticipation of how you would have if I had been able to share it with you.



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