You're Going To Lose. Again.

I just can not win this game!!! I don't think it should come for free on your computer-it's not good for your health.

It's called Spider Solitaire, but should be called Stupid Solitaire, or maybe NeverGetAnythingDone Solitaire, or TotallyRiggedGame Solitaire.

I could just reset my stats and start from scratch and then maybe my numbers would be better-but I thought it would be a fun challenge to work my way up from a really low number and make it more exciting....back when I thought I could actually win more than one game an hour.

I have been stuck in my 20th percentile for MONTHS. I know I'm smarter than this stupid game.

You have to get all the decks arranged from high to low (king to ace). You can move things from one stack to the next as long as it is in order, like I could move a red eight to a black nine, but then I can't move the black nine until I move the red eight. It goes on and on until you run out of moves and then you get this stupid message saying that you suck and do you want to try again and I am pretty sure that no matter what I click on---it starts again...cause I can not stop playing.

And I can not stop losing.

It's solitaire-it's not a Mensa-regulated game, it's SOLITAIRE!! Sometimes I get stuck at this game for HOURS. I think it's some kind of mean game that Microsoft is tracking to see how long people will waste trying to win.

Jenny complained about this same thing to me last year and I remember thinking she was ridiculous....but was right!!!

"I am usually right!" says Jenny


  1. Mine is bubble breaker on my phone....I can't seem to raise my average and it is way to addicting!!!


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