Amy Poehler Makes me Laugh!!!

Amy had a baby!!
I adore her. She's hilarious!!
She named her baby: Archie!!!
Ha-that's hilarious. Babies aren't named Archie. Men over the age of 70 are named Archie.

Saturday Night Live was not the same without her.
I'm super-happy for her and her new 70-yr old baby, but I really really hope she doesn't take a long maternity leave!


  1. She is hilarious and I am sure her kid is as cute as a button :)

    Archie is probably perfect for a kid of hers!! I think of it more like the cartoon strip: a little goofy and nerdy :)

  1. Dan-E said...:

    i've had a crush on her ever since i saw her turn into mush when bono serenaded her when he was on the show.

    it doesn't hurt that she's kinda hot.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Know someone who was there for the presidential taping, Amy is not coming back full time, she is going to have her own sitcom coming out - Shhhhh Holly


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