Discounted Gift Certificates!!

DISCOUNTS! COUPONS! HOT SALES!! BARGAINS!! I love them. I love them all. is giving a super-big discount on gift cards purchased before Halloween-that's FRIDAY. Hurry over!!! Look:

A $100 gift card and a $125 gift card for ....$18.00?? Insane, right?

You can do a search for restaurants that take it and this would be especially helpful if you are going on a trip somewhere (not Reno). Seattle appears to have a lot. I don't claim to know that much about any kind of restrictions but I imagine they might have some kind of: Must buy two drinks to qualify or something silly.

Enter the code: TREATS at the checkout page and save big!!!

On the food discount note, about once a month, I go through the drive-up window at Outback Steakhouse -- I like the food but I don't like to eat there because:
  1. We overeat the bread
  2. I always drink too much soda - I feel like I have to in order to justify paying $2.75 for a glass of soda
  3. I have to tip 15% on a $45 bill and the service is not really (typically) that great
Going through the drive up window saves me almost $15 and a lot of excess calories. SAVINGS SAVINGS SAVINGS!!! Love it!!!

Anyway, so I got home the other day and started to eat my yummy Chicken on the Barbie and find that it's REALLY tough on the outside. I'm not down with that and so I called them and let them know it wasn't as yummilicious as it usually is and they apologized and offered to send me something.

And I got it three days later.....a coupon for $25.00 and a handwritten card (who does that anymore) that said: "Thanks for giving us a chance to get it right!"
LOVE them.

I also called Panda Express on Monday because they completely got my lunch order wrong and they told me I can come back for a free meal anytime. LOVE that (not so much them).

Good customer service is WONDERFUL!! FREE stuff is even MORE wonderful!!!



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