Facebook or Bust

Ugh..I have succumbed to the masses and created a Facebook profile.

Why? I don't know yet. (well, somewhat because my friend J-Mac told me I MUST, even though she found herself quickly addicted and spent an entire day on it.

So far-I have my name, a pic, my email, and somehow there are people who are requesting my friendship on there already-one was actually waiting when I first signed up.

I don't understand it and I refuse to be addicted! I do!!

Do I care if my Facebook page is updated daily? not really.
Do I care how many people I'm linked to-nope, not so much.

Do I need to spend more time on the computer?
Egads, no.

(Remind me of this if you find me updating my Facebook hourly!!!)

(oh--and don't forget to search for me and add me as a friend!!!)


  1. You will get addicted.

    Facebook is one of those things that I hated when I started, still not sure I like it, but I check it like crazy for friend updates LOL :)


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