Just Another Obama/McCain/Opie/Palin/Fonzie Post

I really like this one!!

Does anyone watch Lost?

If you watch Lost, did you watch War of the Worlds when it was on tv last year (or earlier this year maybe)? During the movie, they played commercials for Lost to get you caught up on the seasons past and the girl in the video above speaks just like the person in those commercials-very bland, straight-forward voice. The commercial was hilarious-it would say something like: The plane crashed and 456 of the 489 people died. Claire cried.
And then later something like: Some of the survivors moved their camp from the beach to blahblahblah. Jack grew a beard.

Very random. I love it. Will have to find those commercials later-they were great.

This has info that we've covered last month, but this is better with pictures.

It's OPIE!!!!!!!

I understand that actors and musicians aren't necessarily qualified to make important political decisions (i.e. Paris Hilton), but these are three men who have (from what I can tell) been silent on political matters in the past and just done what they do best—movie making, fishing, good tv shows, creating catch phrases, and making girls swoon. I see these as respected men who have not had a lot of drama and scandal in their lives and believe that they would not have made the decision to throw down their opinion about their political choice if they did not base it on some sincere fact-finding.

On that note…why do we care what celebrities support what candidates? I don’t know.

But the fact that Opie and Andy Griffith came out of the closet to support Obama makes me warm inside. The fact that Fonzie is out about Obama means that all women in poodle skirts will probably vote the same way. Yay!



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