NPR News About That One Thing

I listened to this NPR report last night and it was really interesting and I thought: I MUST look into this more....

But then I went to sleep and now I can't remember what it was about!!

I do remember having a dream about a friend of mine who showed up at my moms house while we were there visiting and I told him it was too early to visit and we haven't even brushed our teeth yet! To which he said, "let's all brush them together" and then the rest of the dream was about me finding excuses why we can't all stand around a sink and brush our teeth together. (which I would never do by the way).

And then I woke up and checked the time, as it felt like we had overslept. But it was only 3:45am. So back to sleep...and my next dream was about me talking to friends about the dream where this other friend had stopped by and wanted to brush his teeth together!!

Dreams are very odd. It's funny sometimes when you are having a good dream and then you wake up before something finishes and then you go back to sleep--you end up dreaming about it more and get to see what happens--it's called a Bonus Dream. Or Round Two Dream. Or Follow-up Dream. Or Dream the Sequel. I think it's good luck when this happens.

I will have to look at the NPR schedule and try to figure out what was so interesting that I couldn't wait to find out more about it...


  1. mustang loader said...:

    im your favorite reader here!

  1. wow, very special, i like it.


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