The Place Where Plants Go To Die... my house.

This one lasted a VERY short time in our home. This one is obviously not my fault, because if it can't even make it a full ten days-there was clearly something wrong with it before it got in my beloved hands.

I really had high hopes for this one. Mostly because it is a small plant, in a small planter and I felt like it just had a *small* amount of life it needed to sustain to live. I gave it love, water and a lot of positive feedback, but I guess it just had a horrible past that it couldn't get over. It came from K-Mart originally - who knew they even sell plants?? I only ever go there for laundry soap or Kleenex so i thought this was a real treasure to come across a cheaply priced little plant begging for a home. should have known...

This plant is at least two or three months old and I'm really happy with its' progress. It doesn't LOOK well, however - it used to have about 72 more beautiful sprouting green leaves on it and about 59 of them died immediately. I definitely think this is a case of bad juju, as there have been many plants who have died in this planter. I love these planters-two matching, one forest green, one a sienna type color, so I keep trying, but ultimately it seems like whatever plant ends up in these planters, will die a quick and painful death. This plant has managed to maintain about 12 leaves, which I think is a testament to my loving care.

This is the other planter from that set - and this is the other K-Mart plant I bought. I still think this one might make it! I have faith in this one, bad juju and all - I think it will pull through. It's still absorbing the water I give it (unlike the other Kmart one that just gave up all form of life). It's been about three weeks and it looks really pathetic, but I like to think it's just the runt of the litter and sometimes those are the best ones to get.

This is a L-O-V-E-L-Y type of plant that I've seen all over the place - everyone has one! However, mine is the ONLY one I've ever seen that has just three leaves. Yep---THREE. It has lasted a long, long time in our house-at least a year now, which is the longest that any plant has ever made it. Granted, there are ONLY three leaves, but those three leaves are beautiful!!

Okay---here are the success stories!!!

This is my favorite-though it's only been in the house for a week, it shows huge signs of being a success.

This tall thing started out as a mangy looking mutt, but somehow grew and grew and grew and I'm afraid to repot it into a bigger pot, as every time I attempt this with any plant-they fail to cherish life any longer. So this one might actually be some type of tree or bush, but it will forever live in the tall thin planter that it started out in.

And these are the other success stories. They love me, and I love them! I wish they would talk to the others and let them know how great it is to live in my home.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    OMG how many plants do you have you crazy plant lady?

  1. Kaylen said...:

    well, not that many if you only count the living ones!!

  1. Aunt Jean - the critic said...:

    Ah.....some of these plants are really SAD but then there are a couple that are really "proud"...most people do not show off the ugly plants kiddo!!!!


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