Random Ramblings

  • I heat my wrists at least four times a week with a heating pad and go to sleep with it wrapped around my hands. I sometimes do this just because my room is super-cold and I don't want to pay for the electricity to heat the room. (WAIT---RELAX...it has an auto timer on it-it's been used for two years and always turns itself off. It is not a fire hazard any more than my clock radio)
  • I went shopping for one sweater this evening and ended up with a $220 bill. The clerk said, I have your coupon here and if you spend $250 total, you can save $75 on top of the $28 you are already saving. Um, what?? Don't lie to me lady!!! Seriously-now I'm sporting some nice soft and comfy lounging pants in a pretty mauve color that is like no other in my closet, in addition to the other clothes and jewelry. I feel like I robbed them.

  • I have more pictures of my cats than anything else in my cell phone. Even my beloved teenager. I can't help it! They are just the cutest little creatures in the whole wide world!!!! here they are cuddling for the first time EVER:
  • I read approximately 15 other bloggers EVERY day. Usually they are the same ones that I have in my google reader or my Internet Explorer feeds, but sometimes I just click from one blog to the next and randomly find really great stuff (and sometimes really bad stuff).
  • Most people lately have been visiting my blog by searching for "red lobster all you can eat shrimp", based on a blog I did last year.
  • I never use any cream or lotion or liquid make-up on my face. I recently bought some, as it seems like the thing I'm supposed to do as an adult, but honestly, I think my skin is okay and I'm lucky not to need any of that yet. I did buy some pricey eye cream last year to help prevent bags under my eyes, but have only used it a dozen times. I know I'm supposed to throw it away in a certain time frame, but if I didn't and continued using it this often, the tiny jewel-encrusted million dollar gumdrop sized bottle that I bought would last my entire life.
  • I do not think my swiffer floor-washing thing does the best job and so I rarely use it. I prefer to just wash the floor with a wet, soapy towel of some sort (or even just seven clorox wipes). It sincerely hurts my wrists though so I typically only do this once a week. I would prefer it done every night and as soon as my wrist transplant comes through, I'll be all over that. I'm in the process of teaching my teen how to do it, but his teenager style of doing things is just frustrating most of the time.
  • I do not understand why no one has had a good sit-down chat with Dog Chapman and explained all the new and wonderful hair styles and clothing lines that are available and that it's OKAY if he wants to step out of his 1987 shell and maybe just, I don't know....get a full shirt instead of the leather vest, and maybe just trim his hair a little. Maybe. Something...just a LITTLE talk with him?? Don't get me wrong--i like him and he seems to be a good guy overall but geesh, c'mon sweetheart--a new shirt? Just one?? I know he has money---he has a tv show that's been on for years, there must be some money in the family!
  • It's very interesting to me how President Bush has been so out of the current election process. When has a sitting president ever not helped his party win?? I think that really says something, right?
  • I kick ass at samurai sudoku. I'm not trying to brag, I'm just stating a fact. I am a master of the samurai sudoku domain. I have a great word document with a TON of these puzzles if you want to print them out--just send me an email and I'll forward it!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    you forgot to mention the part about your teen going to stay with the D-O-G this summer! YAY!


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