Book Love for All

Tweaked, by Patrick Moore, is the book of the day.

Here's an interesting read...if you're tolerant of homosexuality. I would add be willing to hear about graphic drug use as well, but I think most people are more used to hearing about someone shooting up heroin as opposed to a descriptive narrative of the gay club scene.

It's a quick and easy read (assuming the above things do not offend you). I find it's interesting because it's so far from my normal heterosexual, drug-free lifestyle. It's a small paperback with only 213 pages - so just a couple hour read (for me), which was nice, as I wouldn't want to read about drug-use for another hour or two. The homosexual part doesn't bother me in the least, but I know a few people who would find this unbearable so would not recommend this to them.

I have three novels to read next. Nothing recommended or books that I had heard of before-I just wandered through the library and grabbed them off the shelves, which I haven't done in AGES.

Our library just had a big remodel done and now it is like the Grand Pubaa of all libraries. It's super-big, super-clean and super-peaceful. It's now the kind of library where you would want to just grab a book and sit in the corner and read. If I was unemployed, I might spend much-too-much time doing this.



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