Blast From the Past

I have GRAND plans for tomorrow night to peruse my old high school yearbooks and refresh my memory on people went to high school with...maybe it's important we remind ourselves of things, lest we naturally forget over time?
Is our brain really like a large bowl of memories and some of them naturally get pushed out of the bowl over time? And only important, bigger ones are kept? That's sad. I want to remember it ALL.

SO---expect to see some great quotes from my yearbook soon---cause I'm CERTAIN there are some very profound things that my classmates said to me back in the day.

My high school used to sell insert pages for the yearbooks for people who need MORE an additional six pages for "autographs" - I know that in each of the two yearbooks I have, I have at least once of these extra inserts. And they are FULL. One friend of mine wrote like 4 pages of memories of our year together one time---I'm not sure I can share some of what she wrote (I'm not sure she should have put it all in writing even!), but it will be fun to go back and reread things. I'll have some time to kill while the kid is busy with his friends (we'll be away from home) and it's one of those things you never HAVE time for---but it would be fun and interesting to do.

I had lost touch with everyone from high school soon after----probably due to the poorly planned idea of getting married and having a baby right after high school, but they are coming out of the woodwork on Facebook. I read this article the other day about a guy who said that he feels no need to travel to his old town to go to his high school reunion because he's been in such contact with everyone via Facebook and reconnected that way, so there's just no need to go.

There are sooooooo many things like this that the Internet has somewhat tainted. There's no more anticipation of seeing what an old classmate has done, you can just slightly spy on one of their webpages---a blog, their Myspace or Facebook accounts, Twitter, etc.
It's a bit sad in a way. We are somewhat missing out by being so connected.


  1. Facebook is awesome for that :)

    In our yearbook that is what we figured the ad pages were for, extra space for writing comments :)


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