Book of the Week: The Mermaid Chair

Alison recommended this book, though one of the main characters name is Hugh, which is a name she dislikes for no reason other than she doesn't like Hugh Downs.

The Mermaid Chair is a good book-an easy read for anyone I think. It's all about how sometimes a choice comes along and can fully change the path your life has been on.

It reminds you of how sometimes you make a decision that can totally change your life.
ONE decision.
Your ENTIRE life.
That's a BIG decision.

I like the Pocahontas way of looking at it, to draw from the wisdom of a Disney character: the river path you choose will determine where you end up.

Like what if I hadn't gotten married right out of high school?
What if I didn't go to college?
What if I didn't move to Oregon?
What if I didn't live overseas?
What if I lived overseas longer?
What if I didn't get engaged to that sociopath?
What if I didn't take the first job offer I had after moving back here and spend the next 3 yrs in an admin role where I did very little productive work (not because I didn't' want to - it wasn't an option)?
What if I didn't eat that junk food last night?
What if I bought another kitten (I really want to!)?
What if I don't clean my room today (I really don't want to)?

Big and small decisions that totally shape your life....and sometimes you don't even know that they are BIG decisions.

Like what if one of the pieces of junk food I ate last night had a razor blade in it? Remember when that was a risk? (what was that all about anyway?? What kind of sadistic person does that??)
What if I get another kitten and it's sickly and I have to spend all my riches on vet bills?
(great examples, I know...)

You just never know. The Mermaid Chair was a good book anyway. I recommend reading it on a rainy afternoon with a warm blanket and a fuzzy friend beside you. Or maybe on the beach in Mexico with the sun just rising and a breakfast buffet before you.



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