But What About Kobe Bryant??

I haven't really lived through a depression era (other than some my own personal ones), but there are some things that are confusing to me.

We KNOW that our country is on a downhill spiral. We know this. Some of us are in a little denial and try to put a positive spin on things -but really---it's not a good prognosis.
Our unemployment rate is insane and it grows and grows every morning when I turn on the news.
Our stock market is almost negative-so people who own stocks will not only have any profits, but will owe people - or something. I never said I understand the stock market!!
Businesses are closing left and right - leading to MORE unemployment.
Food banks are having problems feeding the increase in numbers.
Milk is over $3.00 on a regular day.
Whoppers cost over $2.00 a box. (I love these smashed up and over vanilla bean ice cream)
It costs $27.00 to go to a movie (well, it's been a long time since I've been, but I'm guessing it might be close to this by now).

So with all of THIS just brewing around us....I'm confused about a few things.
I was listening to NPR on the drive home and they were talking about a state university that is preparing to build a new and outrageous football stadium.
Really? Now? Wouldn't it make more sense to keep the stadium they have, even if it's not the BEST, and use those $13gazillion dollars towards offsetting education costs so that the college tuition rates don't rise even further beyond a realistic number? I understand how a bigger/better stadium will bring in money in certain ways--but when will that be? It takes a good year or two to build a stadium and how long does it take to pay off the $13gazillion that it took to make it? Shouldn't we put our bigger and better stadium on hold until we climb out of our nation's current economic crisis?

And along those routes....since I've never been in a depression....what happens to the young people in our country - such as Kobe Bryant, who, as a young 25-yr old athlete, depends upon his $26.1 million salary to live? What will Kobe do? He has a contract right? So he will make $26.1 million regardless of the economy? That's how contracts work. But that means that sports ticket prices will have to go up -but who will buy them? Poor Kobe.

And what about Miley Cyrus? What will become of her if she stops making $25 million a year?? You know her daddy doesn't make much money on his own anymore. She IS his product - so if she isn't making money, he's not. I think the depression might hit little Miley and her daddy hard. I feel for them. They seem like such sweet people.

Starbucks profits fell just over 90% in the last quarter. Um, hello? 90% is almost 100%-which means they made almost NO profit. What will become of Mr. Bucks?? (does ANYONE know who started Starbucks??) And you know when Starbucks with their value $4.00 cup of coffee starts losing money...you KNOW it's a recession.

I just don't understand at what point while in a recession do we stop paying $4.00 for a hot cup of caffeine, or spend $150 on a concert ticket, or buy a tv for every room in your house, or have cosmetic surgery, or pay $400 for a pair of designer shoes....when does it really start affecting the public at large?

I am quite certain that the "little" people of the world have already been deeply affected. But when does it make the move to the rest of us? I just know it's coming.


  1. Amber said...:

    Well said! I think I know which stadium you're talking about and I couldn't agree more. It always seems to be the sports and entertainment groups that don't have to follow the rules of cutting back and watching their pennies. Sigh.

    Thanks for stopping by my WW!

  1. Allison said...:

    Amen sister. What are these people doing to help? Shouldn't we all help each other? Rick's dad doesn't think we should...isn't that mean? I think I am starting to not like him more and more. He thinks that his hard earned money is his and everyone else must not have been working very hard if they are in a tough spot now. Wow...that's a scary worldview, isn't it?

  1. kevin forgot said...:

    hi kaylen, thank you for visiting my site!! the most obvious changes as an "average" consumer that i've experienced have been increased prices for food and gas, mostly. i'm sure the rest will follow and i don't look forward to it. hopefully my wallet can keep up.

  1. Kelly O said...:

    Won't somebody PLEASE think of Kobe?! (Heh.)

  1. Jamie said...:

    I was thinking this today as my friends who bitch about not having any money are planning shopping trips and appointments to the derm office to get their botox.

    When will it affect us, and by us, I mean my apparently rich friends and Kobe, of course.


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