Congratulations Last Vet of WWI

I'm not sure why this makes me sad, but there is now only one last WWI veteran left (from the United States).

Frank Buckles is IT.

He's the only one who can talk about first-hand knowledge of combat in WWI. Sad.

He was 16 when he joined, but he denies it.

He didn't have a birth certificate, because they didn't issue them back then (how cute is that).

He actually met Adolf Hitler. (boo)

He was a prisoner of war for three years.

And now he's IT.
He's all we have left.

There is this amazing Veterans project that you can access online though--and it has audio recordings from him with some wonderful tales. I think we should all have this type of thing set up for our family tree. Who needs just a written record of names in the shape of a tree? How much more cool is it to have actual recorded stories from someone, with pictures and maybe videos and scanned documents?

This is one of the greatest things about technology-having the ability to do this.

My son interviewed my mom for a school project once, it was very cool and its something he was really excited to have done. He tried grandpa first, but grandpa passed!! (boo) And this blog is my interview. (ha-where I interview myself daily-ha)

Now the rest of the family just has to get on board!!


  1. Yeah, I am lucky that I come from a family of journalers....however I wish more stories were written down or video blogged to save.

    I am glad your son got to do that project at school. As a history buff I love hearing when the next generation is getting involved in Historical type of things. Perserving the past really does help us see and understand the future alot better!!!


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