Goodbye, Dear Friend

I have had the same VCR since maybe...1998? It has been a REALLY long time. It's moved with us 4 times, it lived in storage for 2 years, and most recently, been trapped under the bed very neglected. It's on it's last leg, it growls a lot, it makes a horrendous grumbling noise when it rewinds, and sometimes it flickers a little black line, randomly. For the last two years that it was really used a lot, the solution for the black line is the same as any electronic random misbehavior: Hit it on the side. It works. There's some technical piece behind that, I'm sure, but my son actually did the exact same method of treatment to our grumbling DVD player which has been acting up very sporadically over the last month and it absolutely stops the bad behavior.

The VCR has been unloved.
Until NOW - tonight is it's shining moment (and then it will be retired).

I bought this little beauty on - which is a great site and if you haven't visited it, you should (at 10:03pm PST every night!).

It's the Pinnacle Dazzle and it's super wonderfully good. You just plug your VCR into it like you would to your television and then use the software it came with and just hit play, tell it to record and then BAM PRESTO MAGIC - it will burn it straight to DVD for you!! LOVE that.
I have approximately four VHS tapes I need to convert.

1) A tape called The Kids with about 25 minutes of tape from 1996 of my son, nephew and niece. And then another 15 minutes of them in 1998. Part of it is interview style (what do you want to be when you grow up, who is the president, are you going to marry, etc) and some of it is just them singing and playing. CUTE stuff. The tape itself has been an issue - I loaned it to my eldest sister one time and she lost it, though for six years, she swore up and down she gave it back to me. And then one day a couple years ago, it magically appeared in her home and she gave it back. Yay. It was a happy day-both because I was proven to be right (I KNEW I was right!!!!) and because I got my prized tape back.

2) A home video of various events during 1997-98 while I was in college. The kid was 6ish. We were really close with our neighbors and they were a big part of our life while we all lived next door to each other. We took a road trip with their teen daughter and their teen foreign exchange student to Seattle and I edited it and put it to music and made a copy for them both to have. I love this tape-it's awesome (not just because I spent hours editing it).

3) Disney world and a trip to my other sisters house - it was the one and only time we have ever visited their home (she lives on the east coast in the bayou).

4) A copy of the play I was in during 7th or 8th grade - Grease. I was a pink lady. It was awesome. And...I can't find it right no. I HAVE it-I know I do....but it's not with my tapes. No idea why....Frustrating! Why do things just leave their designated spot???

So----I'm converting to DVD format, but I can't get the first one I started to open in Windows Movie Maker -lame, which means I can't crop the cutest sections and post them online for the world to enjoy!!! More frustration. I'll have to work more on this later.

I also am in the midst of editing a little video of the big birthday bash - I have about 15-20 minutes of six teenagers hitting each other with blow-up bats. Good, classic fun. How many times did they want to watch themselves hit each other? At least 15 times so far. And they all want the video for their MySpace pages. It may be my most popular video ever.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Sounds like someone might need a new DVD player and coincidentally someone is selling one on CL!!! Its your lucky day!

  1. I cried like a baby when I finally got rid of my VCR!!! I still have tapes I would like converted....I will have to check out


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