Grandma is Shrinking!

We just got back from a visit to the family. I took my camera-but forgot to take it out of my backpack so I have no photos to share. We'll go back in a month anyway-I'll get some then, but over the last 2 yrs, I've been taking a similar photo of Andrew and my mom and it really looks like she's shrinking!! I'll compile the collage of them after Presents Day next month.

Here are the highlights of the trip:

  • Andrew drove half the way there - he did really well, which is good because really--who wants to sit in a car with a new driver going 70mph, merging and passing big slow trucks and dealing with motorcycles and really-fast cars weaving in and out of traffic? Not me!! He is a pretty good driver, has been from the start. My role on this trip was to continuously remind him "you're on the white line."
  • Tyler is living on his own now and seems to better appreciate the value of a dollar, since he only has his own dollars to buy things now.
  • We played Phase 10 (one of the best games ever) and our family friend Carol whipped us all. Tyler quit, as he always does. Andrew nearly came up from behind. The cards were sticky for grandma, as they always are. Jenny was tired, as she always is. I was loud, as I always am. We drank blackberry brandy slushes-the best alcoholic drink ever.
  • Some people overate Thanksgiving dinner. I was not one (thanks to my particular eating habits).
  • Jenny believes her teenager never lies. I do not believe this is possible for anyone to say about ANY teenager. And then we made jokes about a Truth Bracelet (rubber band) that later broke when Andrew (my son!!!) was playing with it.
  • Andrew and I stopped at the outlet malls on the way home and I bought FIVE shirts/sweaters/tops/blouses for under $92.00. Andrew got a coat and 2 shirts for $40.00. Doing our part to stimulate the economy.
  • We spent about 7 hours playing FowlWords on my moms computer (we play as a team) and were listed as #4 in top scores for the day online. We are awesome.


  1. Monkey said...:

    We LOVE Phase 10 too....that game is SO fun and also very unpredictable....just when you start bragging and getting a big head because you're a few phases in front of somebody, next thing you know--you're stuck and they're moving past you! ha!


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