I Love Sweden!!!

I have a new bed part!!!
AND it got to my home within 3 days of me asking for it!!!

And this is how life is supposed to work!

I buy something, expecting it to be made of a good enough quality that it will function and do it's job.
If it breaks in an unreasonably short amount of time, I expect that the company will replace it (in this case it was a piece of a metal bed frame that lasted about 10.5 months).

And in most cases-this philosophy works out for me.
And I'm super-happy-excited to know that Ikea came through for me.


(this could have had a totally different outcome for that country, much like what happened to make us dislike Scotland. Good job Sweden!!)

I think sometimes all you have to do is ask. And I also think that you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't ask when you really deserve something. And in this case--I deserved a new left hinge for a Bellinge futon.


  1. Nat said...:

    Awesome! When you were telling me about this, I assumed that the part either wouldn't come, or wouldn't come for a long time. I agree with the other commenter- Go IKEA!


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