Madonna, Come Back to Us

At what point do you start making so much money that you can no longer force yourself to wear normal, pretty clothing?

Poor Madge. With a net worth of over $600 million, she has crossed the line. I really like her and most of what she has done in life, but our friendship is on edge right now. My cats would LOVE for her to stop by wearing this though. It really looks like something they would enjoy.

This seems to be what happens when you get older and have more money than humanly possible that continues to roll in long after you are wonderful to the public anymore. Case in point: Elizabeth Taylor. I have no words for her:

And by NO MEANS am I a fashion diva....but I have eyes. And I know that they shouldn't burn when I see a particular beautiful (as in Madonna) person's clothing---especially when that person has made it a point to have their entire life be one in the spotlight.

I'm a big fan of jeans and a sweater or jeans and a t-shirt---but if my occupation was one such where I would have photos taken of me 24/7, I would probably make sure I had on a pretty t-shirt at least. Not one made from a shag carpet. Or from 1960's curtains.


  1. monkey said...:

    oh, man, my cat would lick her to death. and it would be disturbing to watch.
    and check out this website:
    you can make a donation and they'll send you stickers :-)


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