Mission NOT Accomplished at Ikea

My teen's bed broke. I'm not going to say it was his fault-but it most likely was....boys are oafs. They truly are. If something breaks-it is most likely because there was a boy nearby who did something to it at some point. If something is spilt on the floor - there is probably a boy nearby. If something smells bad - most definitely keep an eye out for a boy.

Anyway - the bed broke.
Just one piece of it (surprisingly it wasn't the wood slats of the futon which I really didn't have faith in lasting long - but it was the metal hinge that somehow holds it all together, not the wood slats. Shouldn't metal be stronger than wood??
Shouldn't it?? Yes, it should.

Anyway, so I call Ikea and tell them I need to get a replacement piece and the nice lying woman on the phone tells me, YES-they have it-YES come on in and pick it up. I explain it to her multiple times: I don't know that I have my receipt and I don't live that close. I want verification that they actually do have THE PART for me, not just that they sell the bed. AND please verify AGAIN that I can purchase this part in the local store. Yes, she says enthusiastically (and probably not even listening to me and just totally trying to ruin my night), come on in!!! It is HERE.

Anyway, so I drive - and for some reason there were THREE cars pulled over on the side of the freeway and causing a backup of seven miles. Randomly pulled over, not an accident.

Anyway, I finally get to the store and go straight to the parts department, as I now have just 20 minutes until the store closes. The boy who looks to be 12 spends 10 minutes looking for the bed and then determines YES we do sell that bed.
Right, doogie-I already know this fact. I need the hinge that goes for it.
And then Doogie tells me to wait as he prints the instructions and then he has me circle (with a red pen) what part I want. Oh--it's the HINGE? The ONLY hinge? Got it. Let me go find it for you. It will take about ten minutes.

Great-I'll just stand here-since the store is turning lights off. I did manage to buy a stuffed toy and a plant. Yay-not a wasted trip regardless!

Anyway, Doogie comes back and lets me know, sorry, we don't have it.
Hmm....really, that's impossible. Let's try again. And I explain to him my phone call (for the second time) and tell him that I drove all this way on the word of a local employee that they will have my hinge - and as such, please go get my hinge.

No? Fine, how about the manager then.
And then I'm told that Doogie is correct, but what he could have told me is that if I bring in my receipt, they will get the part for me from a new product, but they need proof that I am the original purchaser of the bed.
Really? That's great- cause Ikea girl on the phone said otherwise.

Anyway, so there I stand with my stuffed toy and my plant and I explain to the nice manager: so I drove 40 minutes to buy THIS? That's very frustrating.
She agreed. Thanks....that helps.
BUT - if I call her back with the exact date I bought it and the last four of my credit card that I used, she can look it up and then.....get ready....UPS me the hinge!!!!! FOR FREE!!! LOVE that.

(though it's not really free, as I drove 62 miles and bought things I wouldn't have bought otherwise.)

Whatever---as long as I get my hinge in the mail next week-all will be forgiven.

I'll keep you all posted as to whether we need to add Ikea to the list of places we are boycotting.


  1. That was sweet of her (the manager)!!!

    Yeah I avoid Ikea because I always walk out with kitchen gadgets (strangest thing) and during this time of year, ornaments I don't really need!


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