Moving On...FINALLY...Now Let's Talk About Me

The longest election process EVER is finally over. And now I don't have to not blog about it, or just barely blog about it, or not obsess over it, or obsess over it, or try to avoid it, or embrace it every day.

PHEW! Glad we made it. Let's move on.

I would like to wear pigtails and overalls again.
Or walk barefoot in the warm sand, weaving in and out of the water.
Or dance all night with a room of strangers who, after 4 hours in a crowded bar and 2 drinks too many, are your new BEST friends.
Or be irresponsible and do stupid things just for fun.
Or just pack a small bag and hop on a bus and not really have any real plans-no plans of where to stay, what to do, or when I will go home.

I would also like to have my student loans paid off - feel free to donate HERE:
(no seriously---every little bit helps!! Go ahead....make my day!!)

I would also like to have some homemade cookies, but I want them to be calorie-free. But taste like the yummy goodness that they are supposed to. I mean really - we can solve erectile dysfunction but we can't come up with a superb tasting, low calorie dessert??

I would also like a foot rub. Is there anything better than a nice foot rub?

And when was the last time you played ping pong? I would love to play a good game of ping pong. One time, my friend Rip (yes, that's his name) and I were going to go have a beer together and he knew of this bar nearby that was supposed to have a table IN THE BAR (best idea ever), but after searching for the bar, then searching for a parking place-we discovered that the ping pong table was no longer in the bar. Sad.

I would L-O-V-E to only have to work 30 hours a week. I think 30 hours is good. Or actually-I know a doctor who was hired on at something like .75FTE which means he had off a week a month. Being the smart man he is, he somehow convinced his new boss to let him stock up his time and take off multiple weeks at a time. So what ended up happening was he would work something like 3 months of 40hrs straight and then take off for three weeks. And THAT is a great schedule.

I would like my memory back - I have some key things I'm forgetting. Like a good portion of my childhood. And the name of the single dad I was friends with in college--all I can remember is his sons name was Adam and he had two girls as well. And he really liked the Seahawks. Or was it the Mariners. And the last name of the man who lived next door to us in 1997-he had the dog with the funny shaped ears. He was a vet and I know he was doing research that involved him artificially inseminating cows. Think about that...he was the inseminator of cows. Nice guy, not so nice job.

I think my earring hole on my right side is infected. I would like it to not hurt anymore.

I would like my bladder to not wake me up 90 minutes before it's time for my alarm to go off. I think there's a pocket of time when you CAN go back to sleep and when it's just not humanly possible.
The window of time seems to be 2 hours or 20 minutes. So if you wake up 2 hrs before the alarm is due to go off - you're okay, you can go to sleep again. And then if you have just 20 minutes---you'll doze right off, though you really won't enjoy that 20 minutes. ANY time frame between the 2 hrs or the 20 minutes prior to the alarm though-and you're stuck tossing and turning.
Hate that.
But sometimes you just can't wait....


  1. Rose Writes said...:

    LOL...Kaylen...Paypal? If anyone donates I will match them!

  1. Maribeth said...:

    Oh man I know how that goes. If I get up to go in the early morning the dogs are all over me!

  1. Kaylen said...:

    Matching donations??? I LOVE it!!!! I should totally start a Matching Crusade and who else will jump on that bandwagon!!


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