My First List

My 1st Job:(not counting the babysitting jobs, things where I earned money from my family members, and a paper route) - Ross Dress For Less - over the holidays in the shoe department

My 1st Concert: Van Halen (rock on)

My 1st Car: (I'm pretty sure) 1979 Cadillac

My 1st Volunteer Memory: wrapping presents in the mall for Lutheran Social Services (which I think I found by just talking to one of the people at the table in the mall

My 1st Serious Boyfriend: Jason Battin

My 1st Memory of Life: I think it was my 4th b-day and I remember getting a big Micky Mouse ball - which was later lost when it bounced into a ravine behind our house.

My 1st International Travel: South Korea (excluding Canada)

My 1st Surgery: Tonsillectomy in 9th grade

My 1st Long-Lasting Pet: Midnight, who moved with us from Illinois to two houses in Minnesota, then to three houses in Washington and lasted a good ten years

My 1st Frat Party (cause my son couldn't believe I've ever been to one):I am fairly certain it was in 1995 - New Years Eve in Seattle - University of Washington frat party with Cherri Gumapus and Rob Harrison (from high school)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I like this idea. I'm doing this on mine because I have nothing new to write about. You are full of good ideas!

  1. Cool idea!!!

    I would have to think what should go on my First List :)


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