Pardon Me, Mr. President!

What is the deal with presidential pardons?? What an insane idea this is - the president can choose to pardon anyone for anything for any reason and not have to answer to anyone about it?

Well isn't that convenient...for crooks with money.
Lincoln pardoned someone who was convicted of bestiality. That was nice of him.

The first George Bush pardoned a bunch of Iran-Contra convicts. Not surprising.

Clinton pardoned a ton of people on his way out - I still have to ask him about this, it seemed like a bad decision the way he went about it.

Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon - but he was no crook, just ask him.

And now the smaller George Bush, I mean younger, will be setting some dirty scandals free of their crimes.
It just doesn't seem right. Isn't this why we have a criminal justice system? The appeals system? The whole jumbled mess of hoop jumping that people have to go through to do ANYTHING in our legal system? There are rules and rules and incomprehensible amounts of words thrown together (with bits of latin thrown in for fun) and yet it doesn't matter in the end because all you have to do is have enough money or have friends who are friends of someone who has loads of money and the right connections. It doesn't matter what you did even.
Sometimes I hate our legal system.



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