Read Like A Maniac Weekend: American Wife:

Yikes...Alison's first ever book club meeting is in THREE days and I have JUST gotten the book!!!
I started reading a short bit on Friday and read all this morning (literally!) and still have just over halfway to go!!!

It's a 576 page book!!! Why did I wait until the last minute to buy it?? What was I thinking???
It's the only time I have missed riding the bus as a normal commute to work---I have always had time to read EVERY day, but not I have to make time. And I'm not doing very good at it. :(

Luckily, the book is an easy read and it's a fast read (for me).

I have a volunteer event tomorrow afternoon, which is unfortunate that it coincides with my Read-Like-A-Maniac weekend. I'm pretty sure I can get through 300 pages in 3 days. I just won't clean. Or cook. Or talk to others. (but of course I'll blog!)


  1. Let me know how the book is!!!

    I love to read but I go through spells....right now, not so much but Jan tends to be a reading frenzy time for me :)


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