Three Ways I Am Like a Grandmother

...According to my 16-yr old:

1) I am going to a book club

2) I like to go play bingo with my friends

3) I always have band aids in my purse.

Kids are funny--these are three reasons that indicate someone is elderly.
Good to know.

and FYI:
1) I think the majority of the people going to the book club are in their 20's. (minus Alison's mom)

2) Bingo is a fun time just hanging out with my friends---while maybe winning some money. Cheaper than happy hour, healthier for the body too!

3) Um, who doesn't carry band aids in their purse??


  1. Alison said...:

    my mom won't be there....sorry grandma.

  1. Kaylen said...:

    so now I'm the token old lady?? Lame.

  1. Well I that must make me ancient LOL :)

    Kids are funny......just ask them when they are our age and they won't think it is old at all!!!


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