Volunteer More

Tomorrow a group of girls from work and I are going to volunteer at a local alternative school.
Why? Because we are good, kind people.
Why? Because we can.
Why? Because it is a good thing to do for others.

The better question would be:

Why not?



So while you are all off to your day job, the girls and I will be off to help two classrooms of 17-20 year old students work on their mock interview skills and resume-writing skills.

And our employer supports this!
Why? Because they should.
Why? Because it makes the world a better place.

Seriously---it does.
Imagine if everyone was obligated (we are not) to spend 4 hours a month volunteering. Think how much we can accomplish in the world with 8 billion people (totally made up number) volunteering four hours a month?
I just can't do math in the billions-it's THAT big of a difference in the world!!!

There will never ever ever EVER be a shortage of a need for volunteers. And who can't spare four hours a month? Is that really that much to ask? That's two movies. That's 4 network prime time hour long shows. That's 4 stupid soap operas that mean NOTHING and provide very little entertainment value.
the best part?
You can do this with your family!!!! It doesn't even take away from your family time.

Ready to sign up??
Are we all raising our hands in unity and cheering???
Let's all go volunteer!!!!!!!!!

And then report back here on your adventures!
YAY for us!!!!


  1. I think what you're doing is awesome! My family and I believe in helping others as well. You can see what we're doing here. ☺



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