Yes We Can!

Hmm...not much going on tonight.

I wore dress shoes to work -which I rarely do - and was standing all morning so my feet are a bit sore.

hmmm...what else....
I still got on my treadmill tonight, tired dogs and all....but just for a mile and a half (I wanted to do 3).

Anything else going on tonight?

The condos that I have had my eye on since moving here five years ago now have THREE units available. THREE. I have been very reluctant to purchase a home - single mom, one income, very little child support and no other assistance coming in, hungry-hungry-teenager, car payment, buckets of student loans to pay, etc....AND most importantly, I have always been led to believe that if you don't plan to live in a home for five or more years, you will not get your investment back and thus, it's more economical to rent.
AND who wants to do yard work? Or clean a bigger home? Or fix every little thing that breaks? Or a million other things that homeowners have to deal with? I have to think harder about it---because the condo/townhouses that I wanted are available.

Quiet night around here....the kid is addicted to Warcraft right now so he's off in his room on his laptop a lot these days.
I have a couple of movies to watch.
The cats need to be combed.
Kitchen needs to be cleaned.

I should probably go to bed soon.

Oh---AND WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!! and it's the right one!!!

I'm excited for Obama and our future together. I really hope that he brings us back from the depths of the deep beyond that our current legislation has managed to do to us.

I remember 8 years ago, I was working in a non-profit and the day after the election when Dubya Bush won, we all were in a trance at work. It was as if we were in mourning. As if we had an inkling of what was about to come...
And everyone I spoke to in my world of the not-for-profit business, where we care for others and do good for all that we can - everyone was in a daze and were only saying things like "I just can't believe he won" or "I can't believe this is happening."
And then four years later---no longer in the non-profit world, but still surrounded by people saying to teach other: "I can't believe he won AGAIN" and "how did this happen??"

Maybe it's where I live. But maybe we had a notion of what path our government was on...and maybe we were right.

But NOW ------ we can try to climb back up from the dregs and make a change and bring our country back to the goodness of what our country is supposed to be.



  1. patrice karst said...:

    Really nice blog-- simple and clean easy to read, you have a great "voice"

    good job!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    YAHOOO! YAHOOO! YAHOO! (high five) (high five!) YAHOOO!


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