Arctic Blast 2008 Takes Over... The WORLD

Nothing but news on tv, with around the clock news coverage of....

Arctic Blast 2008

There are very few planes leaving the area.
Tri-Met is having trouble.
State of emergency in a neighboring town.
15 inches and still coming down.
Slippery roads.
Fine---now let's get back to Regis and Kelly!!

Here's my pics (not that they are original in anyway-just to give you an idea of what I am living with right now.

Day 2 vs. Day 7:

My car - love the fog lights poking out! I drove two days ago, so my car isn't too buried.

not a happy cat!

Driving is not recommended.

This is the scary hill leading into the apartment complex. It was the worst part of my drive the last week and Saturday when I went out, there were cars parked all along this street after failing to make it up the hill.

(yes, I made it up--and stopped at the top to applaud my superior driving skills)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Oh Kaylen dear, I do feel for you having to go through the snowy weather - last winter was just so terrible for us people here in good ole Iowa, then this spring we had the floods and my office had to be relocated for about a month - so spring/summer was really cut short - and now guess what - it's winter again and thus far, oh my goodness, the days and weather just seem so much worse already - yeah worse than last winter. It is cold and icey, and then it gets colder and snows some more and I have to struggle to get to work (remember I am older and I really hate driving on the ice but trust me, I am a very cautious, slow driver and may be late for work but I usually get here!!)). Seems like I need to get up and shovel about every morning because I live out in the open and it always, yes always, drifts right in front of my garage and I have to shovel in order to get out of the garage/driveway), there's about 5 inches of ice on my driveway/ sidewalks, and I am just getting way too old to be out shoveling, so, what I am trying to say, be careful. And I am somewhat jealous because I have never had anyone build a snowman on my car!!!

    Take care, be warm, drive carefully!!

  1. Tori said...:

    Love the fog lights on the car pic - that is hilarious! Your hill does look scary - I don't blame you one bit for not wanting to venture out to work last week on the worst days! Woke up to snow here in GP this morning... maybe we'll have a white Christmas too :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i like your new headline thingy!!!!


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