Complete the Sentence Game!!

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Today I: sorted through the last two decades of photos that are in storage containers and not photo albums--I threw away *gasp* a LOT of photos that were not ever going to be enjoyed by anyone ever. It felt good.

Tomorrow I will: drive through snowy weather to get to work and test how high my blood pressure will go. Oh-and hopefully go pick up my new phone!!!

I'm looking forward to: having three (paid) days off for Presents Day!

I could pass on: interrupting my teenager making out with his girlfriend again.

Newest song I like: Oh-easy---there's this one really bouncy song, it's like "boo doo do bo do do would you want to come closer here...and nibble my eaaaaaaaar....shoo boo doo doo do do do...wooooohooooo oh oh ohhhhhhhhoooooh.... (are you singing along? It's a great song!)

Last show I saw: 60 Minutes

Something aggravating: trying to lose weight

One thing you may not know about me: I typically only get about 6.5 hours sleep during the week, sometimes it gets down to 5.5 hrs if I have a good book to read. I also have to either work on a sudoku puzzle before bed or read - so if I stay up really late and then go to bed--I am not really going to sleep... On the weekend, I'll sleep about 8 hours and I wake up EXHAUSTED, as if I have been in a coma.

I can still: beat anyone at Boggle!

Gift I'd want if money was no object: since peace on earth is not a monetary gift, I think it's not a valid response, so...a 3-bedroom condo on the beach in Mexico.


  1. Today I: woke up, got to work, and had my peppermint hot chocolate. I considered it a win LOL

    Tomorrow I will: be at my surprise birthday party trying to act surprised LOL :)

    I'm looking forward to: having Dec 23rd through Jan 5th off (first time since I was in high school)

    I could pass on: 75 degree days in December, just not the right month for that weather

    Newest song I like: The first track by Muse on the Twilight soundtrack

    Last show I saw: I watched a couple of episodes of season 2 of the wire last night.

    Something aggravating: my nose won't quit itching

    One thing you may not know about me: I lived in Enid OK at one point in my life and played a grumpy old woman tree in a play (ok it was 4th grade)

    I can still: quote most of Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout by Shel Silverstein

    Gift I'd want if money was no object: oh a trip around the world on one of the luxerious ocean liners that take up like 6 months of the year :)


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