Family Stuff

Anybody remember this pic?
Not pictured: grandpa, carla, richie, jenny, cora, jerry, my mom (who prob took the photo)

I am missing this memory...but I am fairly certain this is Aunt Jean's house (she's the third lady from the left). I slightly remember her son did not want to be in the photo (he's the one sticking out his tongue). It looks like Uncle Dick isn't thrilled to be in this photo - didn't he ride his motorcycle to the house this day? I'm pretty sure my dad (far right) was just about to say "oh for god's sake Kathy!" (or something similar) and walk off irritated. And Susan and I (teens on the right) look happy...I want to say that we actually were this day....

And look at my sweet grandmother!! (2nd from the left)
I don't remember her ever being mad or irritated or showing unhappiness. I've seen her T-I-R-E-D and still working away at making dinner or cookies or juice or something, she was ALWAYS busy wasn't she? But I don't remember ever seeing her upset! I'm sure she must have been mad/unhappy/disappointed many many times--she had seven kids...right. SEVEN kids. And my grandpa was a guh-rumpy and fairly-demanding man...I am sure she was not always happy with him either.

But, from a grandchild's point of view (granted I have a bad memory), I don't remember her ever being upset.

Her house always smelled like baked goods.
She always had the biggest smile and hug for us.
She always spoke softly and kindly.
She was full of love for her family.
I wish I could have known her better....I wish she could have known me as an adult.

We (my sisters and I) didn't always want to go to our grandparents house - we thought it was be fair, as teenagers-everything is boring. It's sad that there is no way to let kids know that sometimes the boring times with relatives are some of the best memories as an adult. We just don't appreciate life until life is passing us by.



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