I Am Not A Geek!

I have had this blog for over two years now and it is definitely in need of a makeover. I try to make a new template myself every 9 months or so and it just never appears right. I know a bit of html, I can do basics, but things never appear right. And then I look at it on my 22-inch monitor at home and things are fine, but I open it up on a 17-inch monitor and everything is on top of itself.


And this is why I deny it when people call me a geek.

I can research anything and everything with the best of them. I can edit photos. I can find the best and most unique gifts online. I can find the best bargains available on the net. I can use html. I understand how (a lot of) electronics work. I enjoy talking about nerdy computer stuff. I don't own a phonebook and would never think of dialing information. I know 75 websites off the top of my head that can make life easier in a variety of ways. I am very geek like. But I'm not a geek.

A true geek would know how to make a blog template.


  1. Not true!!! I am a geek and I have to get templates to update my blog look and feel :)

    (and I work in IT LOL)!!!


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