Sorry I Haven't Replied

If you only have a yahoo mail address for me, please don't take it personal that I don't reply:

It's so cluttered and unorganized, I don't think there's a way to come back from it. I've had the same email address since 2002 (the address is kaylenm2002 so that helps me remember) and I like consistency...but Gmail really is the way to go.


Since getting Gmail three years ago, maybe four?, I have had approximately SIX spam emails in my inbox. In my Yahoo inbox, out of the 1246, I would guess that 1046 are spam. The other 200 are:
  • an old friend from high school who has me on her mailing list and has never responded when I asked her to change to my gmail
  • powells books weekly book review
  • a weight watchers recipe email group (that I obviously am not part of)
  • weekly federal job openings subscription

So what are the other 1046 emails??? Why does Yahoo not recognize that I am not really the lost relative of an African king who is due a very large inheritance if I would just send a few thousand dollars to the attorney holding the paperwork in trust for me? And I most definitely would not buy prescriptions for Viagra via a mass email message.

Sorry Yahoo - we are not friends.


  1. Amy A. said...:

    I know! I hate that. I only use yahoo as my blog log in but I still have to wade through all the junk to see my comments.

    You are correct. That was a naval shipyard you recognized on my blog. :)

  1. I love love love my gmail..if for no other reason than gmail talk and labels :)


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