Take Your Snowman To Work Day!

Earlier this week, we were struck with an Arctic Blast - the newsmen warned us to never leave our house again. Ever.

Having lived in the mid-west though, I was born with the necessary driving skills to drive in snowy weather....so I set off to work.

But Wait...

What's this...

Some sweet little children in my apartment complex have been kind enough to build me a Snowblob!!


I have never come across this situation before, and after determining that there was no safety concern, I decided to just take the Snowblob to work with me!

Can't really tell - but these two trucks are spinning their tires trying to get up the offramp, and there is one more big truck behind them spinning away...don't be scared Snowblob!!

Hold on Snowblob...time to venture onto the freeway...

Snowblobs can't drive 55!!!

Snowblob was happy to be off the freeway and in the work parking lot!

Snowblob waited patiently for me while I worked for a few hours (with about 12 brave souls who made it through the weather).

Aw, the feel of the warm sun on our faces....nothing more beautiful than a car-snowblob as the sun sets in the background.

Wait....what's that Snowblob? You don't like the sun??

Sad and lonely. Snowblob has gone the way of all snowmen....


  1. I was so waiting to see this!!!

    I like the snowman and think everyday that it snows...should be bring your snowman to work day :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    LOL Love, me


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