Verizon SUCKS

I'm soooo furious at Verizon.

And cell phones with "curved" touch screens.

And sales people who don't know the most important saying: The customer is always right.

And most especially the pudgy bald salesman with a goatee at the Verizon Wireless store in Lake Oswego, Oregon - I'll find out his name and dedicate a special post just for him later this weekend. Cause he definitely deserves his own post for being such a GREAT salesman and totally schmoozing us over in selling us a phone that was NOT as he said it was. After spending almost an ENTIRE hour with him, asking him question after question and question and hearing just the *right* answers to make me purchase the new, wonderful phone for my son's 16th birthday....only to find out that he is a big fat meanie jerk girl-hater scammer liar-yes--LIAR.

And now that the phone that he assured us was VERY durable has broken after just 34 days---we find that not only is it not returnable/exchangeable/valuable in any way---but ALSO that they see this exact same type of breakage on this exact same type of phone MANY times.
The salesgirl who helped us tonight actually described what the phone looked like as soon as we told her it had broken so easily and then admitted that yes, they see this because people put their phone in their pocket.



Really...people are putting their compact cell phone IN THEIR POCKET and that is a problem???


And usually I am able to get my way *a little bit better* with salespeople and managers (helloooo-the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT)..this time, there is no out. The cell phone is dead. They will not help us. We are stuck with it.

BUT I did convince them that we had asked for insurance on it and it was the meanie jerk girl-hater scammer liar-yes--LIAR's mistake for not actually submitting it correctly.

So they backdated our insurance policy and very happily and while twisting the knife in my back--sold me a new phone-the same model that breaks when you do something crazy like store it IN YOUR POCKET---for a very reasonable $50.00 and by agreeing to pay $5.00 a month for insurance. How kind of them.

Oh, and did I mention the price has dropped $50 in the last 34 days? Yes, it has. But she can't help me with that because the phone is BROKEN.

I later called the customer service line and got them to reimburse me the $50.00 difference, which means they paid for me to get the replacement phone, but um, I'm now stuck with a phone that you can't put IN YOUR POCKET. EVER. How convenient.

LG Voyager
LG Voyager
LG Voyager
why do you suck?
LG Voyager
LG Voyager
Seriously....why LG Voyager???

Why are you advertised as being so wonderfully compact, but it's not meant to be placed in a pocket?? (and for the record---the damage that happened, could have happened by being in my purse as well, as any force that causes pressure on one side of the phone-in either direction - will cause the phone's touch screen to split. You need to wear the phone on your hip (dork) or have a special phone bag you carry this in.

VERY unhappy with Verizon Wireless tonight.
VERY unhappy with LG tonight.


  1. I was with Verizon for 4 years. Now on a whole I liked them but they were the most expensive it seemed and the least compromising!!

    How dare you put your phone in your pocket (teasing I thought that was how they marketed them back in the small you can carry in your pocket )!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    From NY, Verizon REALLY SUCKS. I live in the Bronx and Verizon has really gotten me upset a few times already up to the point that I called to have my service terminated. I have had it with them!!!. Give the boot to Verizon now for your own sake.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Why are you crying? You got a free phone. I hate verizon but I hate some people like you even more! They probably said putting it inside the back pocket and sitting on it. But YEA! You like to twist the things, don't you?


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