Welcome Back Amy

I chatted with my friend Amy last night - AMY!!!

She was my very best friend in elementary school - like a twin but without the biological DNA to back it up.
(okay this is not really us, but it COULD have been cause we were just this cute!)

We were two peas in a pod.

We were Todd and Copper.
We were soul sistahs, before soul sistahs were cool.
Amy and I were the leaders (and original co-founders) of the very official Wells Elementary School Cat and Mouse Club from 1984-1985.
It was a very elite club, only the best runners were allowed in the club. I think there was some serious testing involved before you were allowed to be called a Cat or Mouse. I can't remember the exact details, but I'm pretty sure it's too elaborate to go into right now.

I grew up with Amy - if you finish growing when you are in 6th grade.

We spent countless hours in the pool in her backyard (she was definitely the better swimmer).
We took trips to visit her mom (she lived with her dad) in a neighboring state and made cookies and giggled all night at her grandmothers house.
We made up songs that contain the word Pig in them -as her mom had a sincere pig collection....great classics like Little Pig Houses (instead of Little pink houses for you and me....by Mellencamp).
We played hours and hours of games of every sort.
We built card houses on the pool table in my basement.
We avoided my mean older sisters.
We played fetch with her blind/deaf pug (you must hit the ground VERY near him or directly bounce it off his back).
We chased the mean furball of a cat around her house.
We pestered her dad to let us play on his computer - which in 1984 was a HUGE luxury.
We watched Mtv back when you had to fill out a 20-page application and give blood to have it included in your cable.

We were GREAT friends.
And we were going to be the best of friends FOREVER!!!!

And then my parents decided to move to Minnesota, six hours from my beloved best friend.
And they made me move with them.
And, as it happens, we lost touch......

wait...it's a happy story....

After 19 years (or thereabout) ---- Amy and I are back in touch!!

Thank you FaceBook.
First communion...perhaps the last time we were both super-sweet and super-innocent?

Only a real friend would love you when you are wearing purple checkered socks.

Mr. Brown - fifth grade...he rocked.

That's me on top...Amy is to the right with the blue shorts that seem to be tucked in under her armpits, looking bedazzled at my human pyramid skills.


  1. Jamie said...:

    Isn't FaceBook and Myspace the BEST for re-connecting with people! So glad you found each other again!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    OMG LOL. I love those pics!!!

  1. TQ said...:

    Yay for you and Amy! I love Facebook for the reason that I've been able to connect with so many friends that I grew up with but then we lost touch after heading to college...


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