Tyler's Graduation Pics

The first of all the kids to graduate: Tyler!!!!!!
Ty has grand plans to move in with his friends, have fun, not clean his room, and go to the local college.
We wish him the best!

Kabob Night!

In celebration of the kid's successful completion of his first year in high school, we went crazy with kabobs!

Kabobs don't happen very often in our house - it's definitely a special occasion. They aren't really economical and I'm not a meat eater (okay okay-I LOVE chicken! YES I know it's a meat!). But really, how often do you finish your first year of high school right? Kabobs is what Andrew wanted and kabobs it was!

Andrew is the master chef in the family. Here's our kabob night in picture form:

The ingredients: Pineapple, Onions, Salmon, Steak, Mushrooms

Hard at work!

The finished products!
Time to eat....

One of my favorite pictures:

Seriously.....put the camera down!

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Another Unknowing Guest Blogger!!!

Hi everyone,
I am going to be walking in the Relay for Life on June 21-22 on the Best Buy Team, and am trying to help raise money for cancer research and education programs through the american red cross. This is a cause very close to my heart as I have been through this hell myself, and wish to help raise monies to the end goal of curing cancer so that others to not have to suffer.

Recently I lost my Uncle Dick to cancer. He is my motivator for the walk this year and I will be dedicating our funds raised to him. I have great memories from my youth of this strong, super cool guy....black leather jacket, sunglasses, motorcycle....I remember thinking I was going to grow up and marry him someday (obviously this was when I was real young). And to have him get beat by this horrible disease is just one more reason we need to do all we can to help others fight it.

If you could please support me in this walk by clicking on the link below and donating, I would greatly appreciate it. Every dollar counts and if I can just collect 5.00 from everyone I know, then our team will definitely reach our goal of 7500.00. Please click the link below to donate.

Thanks Jenny

Goofiest Cat Ever!

Not photo shopped!
I went to take a picture with my phone and I swear -Whiskers just raised his little back paw straight up.

Eat More Fruit!!

I saw this interesting picture yesterday:

It comes from Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect weight loss plan, which I know very little about but is pretty interesting. I think pictures DO make a difference and it's much easier to think things out when you can see a shocking picture. I don't actually like 80% of the fruits in the picture, but it's pretty amazing to think that you can eat THAT much more of ANY food and have it equal the same calories as that one tiny muffin.

I'm not a fan of diets - I think as a whole they do not work, they are not long-lasting. I believe in lifestyle changes and just being logical about food choices - not that I follow logic with my food choices, but if you ARE going to make a change, it should be based on logic not on some new fad.


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