Craigslist Know-It-Alls

I put an advertisement on Craigslist to sell a brand new, still in the box, cell phone from Verizon. These are expensive, as buying them without a contract will force you to buy them at a HUGE price. If you have ever broken your phone and had to buy a new one mid-contract, you know what I'm talking about...Verizon does not play nice sometimes.

I put the phone online for sale for the price I paid for it - I wasn't trying to make a huge profit on it, I just wanted my money back from it. I think I could have gotten more by putting it on ebay, but it's not as convenient as selling locally. AND I feel the pain of someone trying to get a phone without getting screwed by Verizon.

SO -

I place the ad and give very good details on how NEW and wonderful the phone is and how I just want the base price of $200.00.

I had about 5 responses within a few days. This was one:
On Thu, Dec 25, 2008 at 12:44 PM, DANIEL wrote:

will you take 125.00 for the phone?

I responded:

Have you seen these on Ebay? $125.00 is a great price for a used phone-which
this is not. I haven't seen a lot of brand new phones, still in the box-never even used, going for under $200.00, so I'll have to pass on your offer. Happy Holidays!

Daniel replied with:

well if you ever want to sell let me know

wow...really, Daniel?....cause you are the only possible buyer for my phone? And this is the only possible price I will get? Really?

Sorry are W.R.O.N.G.

I met a very nice man on Wednesday after work who handed me $200.00 cash and gave me a very nice hug and a holiday wish.

People like Daniel are just sad - I think he probably was a bully in middle school. Maybe high school as well. He probably makes lewd jokes at the dinner table and people groan when they see him headed their way at a party.

Is this judgemental of me?

I really just like making up stories about people I don't know. Is that wrong?

If I met him in real life, I would probably laugh with him and tell him EXACTLY what I thought of his email, so it's not like I'm being malicious...I'd love to have a good chuckle with him. Maybe I should email him back and let him know that. He might want to make a new friend anyway (since he was a bully to all the other people in his life).


  1. kilax said...:

    It just seems like some people always expect to get what they want. Especially when they are buying things (I know a lot about this, my husband works at an electronics il store ;))

    I would be thinking the same thoughts about him!


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