Embrace Your New Office!!

My new office...is my couch.

Our office is in the midst of a remodel and though we do have temporary space to work in the building, unfortunately, it is in a locale that is very much like a call center. It's just a big room with desk spaces set up. And so when you sit down, you will potentially be three feet directly across from someone else. Face to face. I would most definitely want to work in this type of atmosphere. I have enough trouble adjusting to the life in a cubicle.

And speaking of cubicles, after the remodel it won't really be too much better....our cubicle walls are going to be much lower. If we do a half-stand, we can see across the entire room. This will be great for bringing in the natural light from the windows all around the building. It will not be great from a privacy standpoint. I suspect it will take some getting used to. I feel like I'm still adjusting to the dilbert style cubicleland, but it was kind of nice to have that before moving into the new lower-walled ones. It's like baby steps. Take me from an office (shared, but a large office) and then step down into a "normal" cubicle, and then step down again into almost a loft-type atmosphere with very little separation from everyone around you. I don't think it will be horrible--just a little adjustment to get used to. Luckily, I like the people I work with so it's not so bad being close to them. And almost everyone works from home one day a week anyway so you only really have four days you have to put up with them if you don't like them!

The remodel is adding in a lot of conference room space, which is really important and much-needed. It also gives us a large break area, complete with a couple flat screens and a pool table. We still have the free soda, but now it will be in an actual soda machine. For some reason, pushing the button and selecting a soda and hearing the sound of it roll down and make the clanking noise as if yelling out to me: READY TO DRINK!! makes the soda experience a little better. I don't know why. I just like that sound.

But for now----my office is my couch. The background noise is alternating between the news, a movie, or the digital music channels. And I get the luxury of getting up and not rushing about---what to wear (I don't like 70% of my current big-sized wardrobe), fixing my hair, putting on makeup, getting out of the house by a certain time. Instead....I can wake up and hang out with the kid a few and then have a FULL hour before I have to even think about turning on my laptop (though in reality, I turn it on about ten minutes after the kid leaves, about 80 minutes before I'm scheduled to work). I'll be going into the office and the call-center space about 2-3X a week, the other days I plan to wake up with the kid, make him breakfast, get on the treadmill and then shower and not turning the laptop on until my designated time. And my new officemates are two furry-friends who ignore me for most of the day and are very quiet and low-key.

I've been working late a few nights each week for the last three weeks...I love my job, but working until midnight (or later a couple nights!) and then getting back online to work at 8am is a bit tiring. The long hours should go down after next month...it's just a busy time.

And I thought I had allergies...but then I woke up this morning with a very bright pink eye and a horrible headache...hmmm....perhaps my day today will include a break so I can run to the doctor to get some medicine.


  1. kilax said...:

    A remodel is always fun. That is the kind of architecture I design.

    I just started a new job, and went from an open office (tables) to a cubicle. I love my new cubicle and privacy, but I found out that only a few years ago, my new office had had cubicles with taller walls. It did take everyone a bit of getting used to. But I bet it will be nicer in the long run. Especially with the new soda machine! ;)

  1. Getting used to new cubicles is always an adventure.

    At least you get to work from home on some days :)


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