Everybody Else is Doing It....

and so I must....I have a plan for 2009.

Not New Years Resolutions - cause those are not a plan-those are a wish list. And wish lists get thrown to the side.

But "plans" are looked at and considered and thought about and followed.

I love plans.

So ...drum roll please....here is my Plan for 2009:

  1. Volunteer more. I can do it!! 3 hours a month is what I spend on my regular monthly event, but that's just ONE part of ONE afternoon!! There is so much that needs to be done--and I have the time to do more. I'm hoping to do 10 hours a month every month. Or how about we say 120 hours for the year, and that way if I am low on one month, I can make up for it in another. Yep. There ya go then..120 volunteer hours for 2009.
  2. Cook more. I have the same types of foods I like to cook and I just rotate them throughout the month. I want more variety. I want to branch out more. Feel free to send recipes. Keep in mind that I like simple and basic recipes. And I don't eat pork or beef, but it would be great to have some simple basics of those types so I can branch out with the teen. So we're really talking chicken as the main staple. I should learn to cook tofu too...but mostly chicken recipes. Go ahead--email here!
  3. Lose weight. Who doesn't say this? All females everywhere do. But I mean it!! AND I have a treadmill next to my television, so I'm going to do it.
  4. Purchase a house. This is a huge fear of mine and I must conquer it. I just have this huge fear that I'll get into a house and something drastic will go wrong (loss of job or medical emergency) and then I'll lose all that I've invested, on top of the pain and anguish of losing it. I have a wonderful mortgage broker friend (hi Tim!) and he's been telling me for years that I need to do this. I think 2009 is the year. And, of course, the kid wishes he had a bigger space to romp around in with his friends.
  5. Improve my Spanish skills. I have wanted to work on this for ages, and there's no reason to hold back. If anyone wants to participate in a fun email exchange of various spanish words and teach each other phrases or some such activity, let me know! Everyone should know a little of it at least - it's very commonly spoken, whether you approve of it or not...and it's nice to be able to communicate with people around you.
  6. Rebuild relationships. I have so few friends from college, high school and even earlier---and I think it's mostly because I let things get in the way of staying in touch. Things like not taking the time to call someone and spend 20 minutes catching up. Or emailing on my lunch break. Or getting together when I'm in their city. I need to change this. I have met a LOT of people in my days and there's no reason I can't stay in better touch.
  7. Develop my work skills. I loooooooooooove my new job. I want to learn as much as I can and grow more skills. For three years, I was VERY stagnant in a position where I did so very little and there was no room or encouragement to grow. And now I'm in a place where it is the complete opposite. You're expected to grow...and so grow I will!!! I'm excited to have the support to do so.
  8. Travel more!!! For the last 3 years, I have been just getting by - I buy what I want, I have money to go shopping, but if I just refrained from eating out a few times a month and didn't buy new clothes---I could save that money and GO somewhere. And now, I'm doing better with bills than EVER, so I really have no reason not to. I've also been somewhat stuck in the attitude of "once Andrew is grown, I'll travel more" but I think I need to change that. My life shouldn't be on hold. He will not mind if I take off for a few days. And I suppose I could take him with me....but maybe not...he is a teen-they are unpredictable. Even if it's just exploring the area around me, I need to be on the move more. I live very near the beach, the ocean, a gorge, a gazillion waterfalls, etc. I need to start taking advantage of my location because it really is wonderful.
Sounds great, right? All realistic. All obtainable. All will enrich my life (and in return-my blog). All are measurable and easy to track and keep myself on track. Perfect.

Day one of 2009 - done.

So far, I have worked on two goals already!!!

I walked on the treadmill for 90 minutes and I am making plans to travel (ready Amy??).
Great start on my plan!
364 days to go!


  1. Jamie said...:

    Great plan.
    Isn't it great to have a job you love.

    Holy Cow 90 minutes on the treadmill - WOW! Good for you.

  1. Kaylen said...:

    ..to be clear..the 90 minutes was just walking, no inclne, nothing above 4mph...but it WAS 90 minutes!! Baby steps.


  1. TQ said...:

    First question :)
    Do you say you loooooove your job because you know I might see it? ;) hee hee

    Seriously, we're so glad we were able to get you to finally join our team!

    Of course I'm with you on the weight loss goal - I need to do it! And this is going to be the year to do it!

    And I so wish I could buy a house as well - maybe you'll be my inspiration!

    Ha - see ya on Monday!


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