Good News for the Economy!!!

Every morning I wake up and turn on the news and hear the same type of story:
{insert company name} has announced it will be cutting {insert ridiculously high number, at least 4 figures, typically 5} jobs.

But this morning---GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! Someone is making money and NOT cutting jobs---WONDERFUL news!!!!!!!!
The company actually broke it's own record of earnings for a year. AWESOME!!

Congratulations Exxon Mobil for a profit record year of $45.2 billion for 2008!!!

They worked hard (at killing our pocket books) and were dedicated (to drilling wherever they wanted, polar bears be damned or not). They are an inspiration for all companies everywhere (to do better things in the world to offset damage by Exxon).


  1. Anonymous said...:



  1. kenju said...:

    Thanks for the visit, and I hope you'll come back. Exxon said its profits would have been larger, except for the downturn in prices we've had lately.

  1. Kaylen said...:

    yeah, poor Exxon...they had hoped for a fatter profit margin...sad for them.


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